Roughing, pounding, cementing and milling

The Workstation is an integrated and flexible system, thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic six-axis robot. It is able to automate the delicate phase of carding, bonding, and cutting uppers in a specific shape, ensuring a production of 2000 pairs per 8-hour shift than (about 7 seconds per foot).

The anthropomorphic robot — mounted inside a cell with 2 slides and equipped with a suitable tool for each desired process — is able to ensure absolute accuracy, repeatability, and the highest level of quality.

The Workstation consists of (depending on the customer’s requirements):

  • A Carding tool designed and built by RSA with a motor drive
  • A bonding tool designed and built by RSA with motor drive
  • A Milling Tool
  • A structure consisting of welded steel, which is compact to guarantee exceptional rigidity during the processing steps and to make sure that the vibration from the movement of the robot does not affect the accuracy of trimming.
  • Robot
  • Sliding translation of shoe loading, allows the operator to insert the shoe in total safety and it also allows the robot to perform the carding operation simultaneously. This optimizes the cycle time because the robot never has waiting times due to the traverse configuration.
  • The PC enables the management and modification of parts and components as well as the complete management of the machine.
  • Software
  • Electrical Panel
  • Pneumatic system
  • Safety systems: anti-casualty access panels and doors comply with all regulations for safe operation of this type of machine. Also, the loading area is equipped with photo-electric barriers for operator safety.


  • Rs-digit
  • Three Phase Industrial Vacuum cleaner 1.1 Kw
  • RFID chip reader
  • Pressure Burst Compensation Adjustment
  • Robot System Pliers For Rotary Injection