Robot System Automation Ltd. develops and builds advanced robotic systems for bonding soles, which are compact, efficient, robust, and ensure high productivity.

These systems are appropriate for all manufacturers of footwear, and feature a broad spectrum of technologies and construction processes to solve any bonding problem you may encounter.

Our “All-In-One” anthropomorphic robot construction is extremely compact and allows for spraying of all types of adhesives: water-based, solvent-based, or the latest technology, PUR.

The systems can be equipped with high-performance vision systems for the recognition of each type of sole (from elegant evening shoes to running and sport shoes,) or with the new 3D Scanner system.


Automatic Soles Cementing Robot


The natural and technological evolution of one of the worldwide more sold and installed robotic system for the unit soles cementing


Automatic Soles Cementing Robot with PUR technology