Robotic Painting System

Technology for painting directly on injection machine

• Flexibility
• Productivity
• Quality

VER6 is the last technology developed by Robot System Automation to paint automatic soles or shoe made by direct attachment process.

Compact and versatile, VER6 is the best solution that combine the benefit to use a 6 axis robot with a easy and user friendly programming system.

It is easy installable in the production layout, mounted directly on the rotary machine.

It is composed by the spraying tool, made by Robot System Automation, that integrates a nozzle able to spray different material. This tool can be configured with different applicators to fit the application needs. The robot cycle and programs can be easily managed by the operator, with a dedicated PC interface.

The big news of 2018 is the full integration on the rotary machine, to allow robotic painting also if the machine never stop and work in continuous. The function “rotary tracking” maximize performances a follow the machine production cycle time.