RoBin Line 600

RoBin Line 600

Automatic Soles Cementing Robot

System designed with the best RSA’s technology and provided for all those producers who have high daily productivity requirements.

The line in question uses 4 anthropomorphic robots able to treat 600 pairs / hour of soles with different chemical products, such as glues and primers.

Programming is made easy by using the latest generation of 3D scanners, capable of self-generating work programs.

The system is also provided with handling elements connected to modular ovens in order to achieve drying in a space reduced to a minimum, travelling at high speeds and processing high quantities of soles.

All this is completed by a management software able to monitor and record production, alarm and system error data, instantaneous and / or cadenced according to customer requests and a quality control software on the application of the product chemical with eventual reject of the element qualitatively considered not valid.

The soles conveyor belts are also provided with integrated cleaning systems, able to improve the maintenance of the system itself.


High productivity

User friendly