The natural and technological evolution of one of the worldwide more sold and installed robotic system for the unit soles cementing.

The Ro.Bin reinvent itself

With the 3D vision system to identify any kind of unit soles and auto-generate cementing profiles. It is the only one to avoid any programming needs.

The layout dimensions of 1mt x 1mt make it one of the smallest footwear components cementer in the world.

It is not afraid from any kind of soles. Sneaker, classic leather man and not, lady shoes, flat or “boxed”. The 6 axis, combined with the renewed software open the application window.

Adaptable to any kind of adhesives, having  water or solved based and PUR technologies available

2kW in intensive production make it one of the worldwide best energetic saving machine

30% more productive of any other soles cementer. 300 pairs per hour it’s a concrete data demonstrated in different facilities that daily uses it.

The automatic cleaning system of the nozzle and belt, the automatic control of adhesive presence with a level sensor and the possibility to connect it to a process monitor software make it reliable and perfect in all production dimensions. Small, medium or big.

From the single robot, single operation to the complete line integrated for the full process, like primer and cement.

30% cheaper than the actual one.

The progress
After 10 year from the launch of the previous one, Ro.Bin light is the natural engineering evolution.
The choice of new mechanical solution, new software completely renewed using the new “machine learning” application to eliminate the programming and path generation needs, the integration of different informative software like ERP, data control or big data demonstrate it.
The 3D system CANCELS completely the path creation step, drastically reducing the industrialization time and allowing to use the robot also for samples, micro-series or luxury production with few pairs in production.
The 3D compensates and checks. It is not afraid from the dimensions variation, like in EVA, and it is not afraid from the normal deformation typical of the industrial process, coming for example from bad packing.
Each single sole is inspected and the spraying profile is just in time created and calculated.
The indirect benefit is the possibility to use Ro.Bin Light not only as a single unit, but also as standard module for a line with 2 or more robot, with cleaning machine, UV, water or solvent base primer, UV curing device, fast dryer and activators.
From the single robotic workstation, to the full process treatment line with 600 pairs per hour capacity, dedicated to the big producer and soles maker.