Flash Activator Spotteck

FAST, a revolutionary solution in the assembly of the sole and the upper.

Intended audience:

The aim of this special newly-designed machine is to optimize and improve the critical stage in the production of footwear reactivation and laminating (assembly) of sole and upper.

FAST is a device specially developed by Robot System Automation to assist the assembly operator.

The reactivation unit allows control of the power used to attach the sole and upper, all easily programmed and controlled through a touch-screen interface panel operated by extremely simple control software.

The device ensures the automatic centring of the sole, and using a simple preset, helps the operator to position the sole in accordance with the line of bonding.


  • Ergonomic improvement
  • Increase in quality
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Possibility of temperature selections in different areas of the upper
  • Ability to automate future processes
  • Reduction of power use and reduced fuel consumption
  • Simplicity of use