The stages of our working method:

  • Feasibility study
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Operator Training
  • Assistance/Customer care


Each Robot System Automation project draws on our long history and technical expertise, marked by many innovations at the national and international level.


Robot System Automation is a dynamic and flexible company, willing to bring new and innovative ideas to any potential application of industrial automation.


You will deal directly with the people who are designing and building your system.


From the largest factory to the smallest workshop, Robot System Automation staff will analyze your every need, raising the level of your production to heights that you could not have imagined.


Based on customer needs, Robot System designs and produces:

  • Auxiliary machinery for the assembly or fitting of Strobel (centers insoles, Lasting Force);
  • Modular FLEXO ROBOT workstations implemented according to production needs (riveting, heel attachment, milling, carding, bonding);
  • Automatic gluing of soles (with mechanical centering or vision);
  • Key plants built by hand with supervision software systems, 3D Scanner, and link between different production stations.
  • Automatic FMSS Lines – Transport plastic forms
  • Marking systems and / or carding laser
  • Handling systems and palletizing of boxes after finishing.


We offer a complete range of systems that allows the almost complete automation of the assembly process of the shoe and of the production process as a whole.