For over 32 years, Robot System Automation has designed and manufactured innovative, automated production machinery for the footwear industry.


Today, more than 850 Robot System Automation robots are producing footwear and leather goods all over the world. These machines use the most advanced technologies currently available and showcase all the experience and expertise we have developed over the years.


Often, the most difficult thing to achieve is simplicity.

We know that to be truly useful for our customers, a machine needs to be easy to use. The Robot System Automation technology simplifies the work, eliminates waste, and facilitates the production process.


At Robot System Automation, there are no fixed rules or limitations. The conception and design of each machine comes from a deep analysis and understanding of the customer’s needs.

We produce and sell machines with guaranteed quality and reliability so that every foot can have the right shoe.

Robot System Automation Worldwide

  • Over 400 machines in Italy
  • More than 1,900 systems installed around the world

In the last seven years more than 600 systems installed:


systems installed in Italy


systems installed in Europe


systems installed in America


systems installed in Asia

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